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Unit Rates and Options

Unit Rental Fees and Style and Size Options:

There are several sizes and styles of living units from which to choose: studios, one- or two-bedroom units.

All units include a stove, refrigerator, carpeting, and mini-blinds. Many units have a built-in dishwasher, a garbage disposal, and a laundry room. Units with garages include automatic garage door openers.

For more information or to be put on our waiting list for future occupancy, please contact the Center's Admissions Chair. 

Bible Students Retirement Centers, Inc.

Unit Sizes and Rental Costs

as of March 2021



Rental Cost/Month

C building, Studios

500 sq.ft.


F building, Studios

500 sq.ft.


C building, 1 bedroom

668 sq.ft.


C building, 1 bedroom

1-1/2 baths with sitting room

1,000 sq.ft.


F building, 2 bedroom

2nd floor with balcony

1,090 sq.ft.


F building, 1 bedroom

1st floor with garage

1,090 sq.ft.*


A and B buildings, 2 bedroom

2 full baths with garage

1,376 sq.ft.*


H building, 2 bedroom

2 full baths with garage

1,476 sq.ft.*


* Square footage includes garage

Special Pricing Arrangements:

The Center offers special financing to those who are in need and who qualify. Due to the generosity of others, special arrangements are available for brethren with limited income and assets. Qualifying residents pay 20% of their income towards their rental payment. Subsided rents may be applied to C building units - a studio for a single brother or sister - a one bedroom unit for a couple.

For example, a brother or sister with a monthly income of $400 could rent a studio unit at the rate of $80/month (20% of $400).

To qualify for a subsidized rental payment, the applicant:

  • Must not own any real property (house or land)
  • Must not have fixed or liquid assets in excess of $20,000 (if a single person) or in excess of $25,000 (if a couple) including car(s) and personal property. (A burial fund or life insurance policy amounting to $1,500 per person is not counted as an asset)
  • Must NOT have sold, traded, or given away any real property for less than fair market value within the last 2-1/2 years
  • Please contact the Center's Admissions Chair for further information or for an application. All requests and decisions are kept confidential.